Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving Holiday Feast

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Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving Holiday Feast

November is the month that produces vibrant earthy colors as the ecosystem prepares itself for the dormant season of winter. Yet, November is also known for Thanksgiving, a festivity that involves great food and unity with family and friends. Whether you are hosting a grand Thanksgiving dinner or having a small communal gathering, it is nice to create a standard decorative look that depicts the familial feel of the annual dinner. Here are some ideas and tips on constructing the ultimate Thanksgiving look with simplicity and tastefulness.

Instead of sticking to your original interior decor of your house, mix up the colors by adding richly-colored red, orange, yellow, and brown pillows, blankets, rugs, and table decor to fully represent the theme of Thanksgiving.

Swap your normal flower arrangements with rich autumn plants like silk oak, maple leaves or small pumpkins and acorns around the vanity of your table at home. Consider adding natural centerpieces like feathers, shed antlers, and corn husks to add to your table decor for an earthy feeling.

Add traditional reclaimed barn wood furniture to create a historically significant background full of warmth, charm elegance while being the perfect solution to be environmentally conscious. Other wood furniture like twig arm chairs, hay bales or log stools seating is a great wood alternative if reclaimed barn wood is not accessible or financially feasible.

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