How Interior Design Affects Moods

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How Interior Design Affects Moods

Entering the new year is symbolic for many people. The beginning of each year means a fresh start to a more positive lifestyle and outlook on life. Some start a healthier lifestyle, some change their standard ideas and others switch up their creative spaces with new things. You can do all three by changing up the look of the interior of your home with brand new furniture.

It is important to note that your living space affects your mood. Your home is your safe place, which means comfort, protection, and peace. Cleaning the appearance of your home can help you achieve an ultimate paradise in your home for many reasons. Here are the top two reasons why it will benefit you.

Colors alter your moods

Each color group evokes certain emotions which could either benefit your healthy lifestyle or harm it if you are not aware. Deep, rich colors like red and purple are known for stimulation and passion. Though these colors may be ideal for rooms that hold social gatherings, it can create imbalanced emotions and results in irritability or moodiness.

Bright, earthy colors like blue, green and yellow are known for promoting comfort, relaxation, and happiness. These colors are ideal for spaces that are trying to capture peace and harmony, although it can evoke sadness and sometimes frustration.

Shapes reflect your personality

The shape and size of your furniture and room not only reflect your personality but can affect your emotions as well. Furniture that has a straight horizontal or vertical shape are meant for people who like order and compartmentalization. Straight shapes and lines convey strength and stability, which is ideal for a simple yet productive household.

Angular shapes and lines that are diagonal or zigzag evoke excitement. But if not moderated, it can stir emotions of agitation and irritability.

Furniture with curved shapes and lines are ideal for people who want to add balance and a rhythmic cadence to establish a creative space for the artistic.

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