Home offices are no longer tucked away in otherwise unused parts of the home. It's becoming one of the most important amenities that people have in their homes. An increase in self-employment and flexible work hours has led to this shift in the way we design our homes. Some 25 million Americans call their home the office. We have some ideas to get you started on your modern home office design.

How to Fill an Empty Room

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An empty room is like a blank canvas in your home. You should see it as an opportunity instead of a huge challenge. There's some basic rules of furniture arrangement. But with so many approaches, how will you know where to start? We have a few tips for you right here.
Your modern kitchen can evolve over time. Here's some simple ways that you can update your kitchen that won't break the bank.
There's certain pieces of furniture that you use every day. You'll want to put more thought into these purchases. You should consider the meaning behind a piece as well as the wear and tear it can take. Here's some advice for buying the right furniture for your home ...
If you think that the living room is the most popular space of any home-think again. The kitchen is the common gathering space in the modern home. Why wouldn’t family members and guests want to be gathered around scrumptious goodies and the wonderful scents of good food cooking? For these reasons, you want to be sure that your kitchen exudes the right vibe for guests to want to gather there.
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