Illuminate the garden or terrace with the ball-shaped, atmospheric lanternsfrom Nikki.Amsterdam! The.Ball is equipped with the well-known Nikki.Amsterdam buffalo leather handle and can easily be hung in a tree. Moreover, The.Ball is completely waterproof, so you can float it in the pool or pond. Consider how atmospheric this will be!

Warm white or multicolor, the choice is yours! There is a color for every atmosphere. Let the colors jump in a quiet fade mode or choose a single color. The use of the supplied remote makes operation very easy! Durable Multicolor LED lighting with a nice even distribution of light in a color of your choice. From warm white to a more colorful variant. Create the atmosphere that you want! Your wannahave comes with a cable to charge. After this, the use is completely wireless and you create the atmosphere where you want it. In the garden, on the terrace, the boat or in the park!

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