Success guaranteed with this giant within the Nikki.Amsterdam Family! The beautifully designed mobile standing table is a very striking appearance at any party or terrace. The.Bar Table is equipped with a bluetooth speaker and multicolor lighting with enough space in the middle for cooling several bottles of wine or champagne. Let’s get the party started!

Warm white or multicolor, the choice is yours! There is a color for every atmosphere. Let the colors jump to the beat of the music, in a quiet fade mode or choose a single color. Durable Multicolor LED lighting with a even distribution of light in a color of your choice. From warm white to a more colorful variant. Create the atmosphere that you want!We love to connect. Create even more atmosphere by connecting different Nikki.Amsterdam products. This way you have the same sound and light in every desired angle. That must be fun! The drinks deliciously cooled and music in the background. What else do you want? Fill the waterproof recess in the middle with ice (water) and your wannahave is ready for use.

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