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Best Quality Furniture Brands: Best of 2021 - Rapport Furniture

Best Quality Furniture Brands: Best of 2021

Finding the best quality furniture brands can be a difficult task.

The world of luxury furniture also has a variety of niche brands that are hard to identify if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

So, we’re examining the high-end furniture brands out there to give you our top 4 luxury furniture brands of 2021.

What to look for when buying quality furniture

The world of high-end furniture differs significantly from the design and quality of retail brands. As a result, it is difficult to tell at a glance or even a single visit what makes a high-end piece worth the cost over a similar copy.

These pieces are designed thoughtfully by master designers who combine an artistic vision with ergonomic and functional design for the best quality possible with a creative eye.

Gloria by KARE

6 concrete measures to check for in high-quality furniture:

  1. First, they will be balanced and level.
  2. The piece will look relatively seamless, with minimal puckering at the seams.
  3. The design will look streamlined - every part fits together in an overall plan.
  4. The wood is solid hardwood with few knots or joints.
  5. All patterns should be purposefully aligned and feel deliberate.
  6. Finally, all upholstery should feel even and flush.

More than anything, quality will come from the materials and craftsmanship.

On the design side, it is harder to know from a technical standpoint what is superior, and that is where taste and trends come in. However, you should have some idea of the latest looks for home furniture and what suits your style.

TIP: It is better to go for a classic style that will last you for decades without becoming dated, as most high-end furniture is built to last at least that long.

Our Best Quality Furniture Brands of 2021

Our criteria for the best quality furniture brands include craftsmanship, design, innovation, and value.

With our experience with many of the best furniture brands and pieces, these four stood out as places to go back to time and again for their evolving collections and quality pieces: 

  1. KARE DESIGN - innovation and uniqueness.
  2. NATUZZI - compelling, truly contemporary living room pieces.
  3. COSTANTINI PIETRO - clean designs and sophisticated dining room collections.
  4. ELITE MODERN - precise take on modern design.


KARE DESIGN is an international high-quality furniture retailer that offers from obscure artisan workshops to slightly crazy but unique pieces of furniture creating a ‘wow’ effect. Their unique style is not for everyone but can add a sense of flair to any room.

Their selection is massive and differs from country to country.

Beginning as a shelving store in Munich in 1981, KARE has since expanded to over 60 countries. Their goal is to bring unconventional and creative pieces of furniture to the wider world.

KARE’s willingness to defy conventions and boundaries with their active imagination is commendable while remaining high value and well-designed. While some of their furniture will only work in specific spaces, most still abide by solid design principles.

Their pieces work best in maximalist spaces or a single touch of innovation in a more classic space.

KARE Design dining room


Discover the full KARE collection here.


KARE carries a wide variety of styles, but nearly all of them maintain a funky, unique quality that makes them stand out.

Some of their standout styles include “Urban Nature,” their take on the plants mixed with an industrial look. Second, “Retro Elegance,” which updates 50s through 70s styled furniture to match with a modern aesthetic but in a new way than the traditional mid-century modern look, inviting color and pop.

Finally, their “Mocca” line updates mid-century modern to include middle-eastern and retro influences.

Other items make for great staple pieces in various styles with just a slight twist, allowing a space the room to show off its showcase pieces.

2. NATUZZI Italia

Italian furniture made for the high-end market, many of NATUZZI Italia’s designs are created by the avant-garde of Italian furniture making. Their core furniture is their sofas and armchairs, whose compelling designs tend to be the flagship for their different collections.

Their Mediterranean-centered design has begun to draw inspiration from all over the world while remaining at their core a minimalist, luxury brand.



Discover the full NATUZZI collection here.


In 1959, NATUZZI set out to “democratize” the Italian leather sofa in the 1980s, gaining international attention by bringing an item bought only by the elite to a wider audience. Since then, they have innovated both on the high-end level and continued to produce some of the most cutting-edge living room designs while also producing mass-market furniture through their NATUZZI editions label.

Their NATUZZI Italia line is where their high quality and innovative pieces lie, and it’s where we see their various influences that are creating a splash in the market.


Another beautiful designer of Italian furniture, the sophisticated modern look of COSTANTINI PIETRO has been in development since its founding in 1922.

The centerpieces are their dining table and chairs sets, which are both minimalist and modern, yet hint at a more sophisticated, curated design. The quality and craftsmanship of each piece are exquisite, giving them a high-end feel.

Their mixture of square and rectangular lines with organic curves is immaculate, bringing spaces into the perfect alignment for a sophisticated modern look.


Costantini Pietro Blade


Discover the full COSTANTINI PIETRO collection here.


The play of texture and material across their collections is one of their great strengths. Almost every piece brings in an innovative material, texture, or shape to add dimension to each piece.

The attention paid to each material, from soft and refined fabrics to high-quality leather, comes with the highest caliber tailoring. The attention to detail is precise and distinctive. Combining true functionality with material innovation elevates each piece into the realm of pure sophistication.

Their furniture collections are also augmented by the exclusive craftsmanship of their decorative objects, including hand-blown vases, masterful geometric rug designs, and impeccable large-scale mirrors. 


ELITE MODERN is a US modern high-quality furniture design company operating since 1988 with their headquarters in Southern California. Their designs focus on being modern, sleek, and original, with exceptional construction.

ELITE’s preferred materials include brushed stainless steel, glass, powder-coated metal, and solid wood.

They have recently collaborated with Carl Muller and Rick Lee to produce new and innovative collections in the high-end furniture world.

ELITE MODERN offers made-to-order living and dining room furniture of the highest quality, including dining tables and chairs, end tables, and other options.

Their designs feel like they have already become staples in the modern furniture design world, with classic designs that could suit almost any home. Their choices for customization are also outstanding, allowing you to choose between many fabrics and materials for many of their pieces. 

Hyper by ELITE desk


The craftsmanship of their designs is impeccable. They use master artisans with state-of-the-art finishing processes to get the most out of their materials, including their wood veneers and ceramic tops.

Many of their pieces are highly versatile and would work in a wide variety of spaces. Their glass dining table selection, in particular, is worthwhile, with almost endless choice in supports to suit any modern style.


When we step into a new furniture store or collection, we don’t always know what we’re looking for, but we know we want quality pieces that will last a good portion of our lifetime.

We also want the designs to speak to us and have some originality and innovation. But, most of all, we want to feel luxurious comfort in our home and for it to feel like our own, which we hope one of these companies can do for you.

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