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Modern Sofas: What You Should Know - Rapport Furniture

Modern Sofas: What You Should Know

The modern sofa is the centerpiece of any modern living space. If you’re looking to change your style and go with a more modern or contemporary option, you’ll first need to know what makes a sofa "modern".

What are the characteristics of modern sofas? These sofas are sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist; they lack ornate designs and are generally made of high-end materials such as leather. Modern sofas blend in well with their surroundings, emphasizing and complementing the overall theme of a room.

In this guide, we’ll review the characteristics of modern and contemporary sofas and go over some important questions related to modern design. Keep reading to find out more!

Modern Sofa Rapport

What Makes Sofas "Modern"?

Let’s start with the basics: what makes sofas modern? Specifically, the term “modern” refers to a design style that was popular in the early-to-mid-20th century. The style is often connected with contemporary style, which borrows many of the same elements and refers to any of the dominant design trends that are popular today.

Some basic tenants of modern design that you’ll find in sofas of this type:

- Minimalist

Unlike classical styles, modern design emphasizes minimalism, meaning that sofas of this style lack complex ornamentation or patterns. Instead, they’re sleek and simple, working to complement the overall look of the room.

- Geometric Lines

Modern sofas, like other modern pieces, are fashioned out of straight, clean lines that give the pieces a geometric feel. When combined with other pieces of modern furniture, this geometry helps give any modern space a sophisticated and orderly feel.

- Smooth and Neutral

Smooth textures and neutral colors such as whites are also staples of modern furniture, including modern sofas. Warm hues, such as earthy browns, oranges, and blues, are also common in modern design, particularly when talking about mid-century modern pieces.

Modern Sofas Kare

Types of Modern/Contemporary Sofas

With all of this being said, let’s take a look at some popular types of modern and contemporary sofas to get a better idea of what’s popular on the market today:

# Mid Century Modern Style Sofa

Like other types of modern sofas, mid-century modern pieces consist of straight lines and edges and neutral or earthly hues. Typically, these sofas are made of either faux leather or polyester and come with either tight or tufted backs.

Mid-century modern pieces typically lack pillows or other cushioning and have track or tuxedo arms on either side of the seating area. 

# Modern Sofas

Later examples of modern sofas include traditional three seaters, modular couches, and sectionals. They can be arranged in a variety of ways, giving you flexibility in how you design your living room while still offering the benefits of that sleek modern look. 

# Contemporary Sofas

Contemporary sofas pull from the same wellspring of thought as modern sofas, meaning they feature sleek lines, smooth surfaces, and neutral colors.

Like modern sofas, leather and faux leather are popular textures.

 Modern sofa rapport furniture

What Are Good Quality Sofa Brands?

Getting your living room set up right means knowing the best brands out there. For this reason, let’s go over two of the top modern sofa brands in 2021:


    NATUZZI, or NATUZZI Italia, is among the top furniture brands anywhere in the world.

    This renowned brand offers one of the widest selections of modern sofas you can find. NATUZZI offers the best in Italian design and craftsmanship and can give any home a more sophisticated, sleek, and modern look.

    The brand has been around for over half a century and designs chairs, tables, beds, and other furniture, as well.

    Argo Natuzzi Modern sofa

    ARGO by Natuzzi Italia

    Take a look at the full NATUZZI collection here.


    The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic.

    Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen are the guiding spirits behind all this. They founded the company as students, and as owners and managers they remain at the head of the company to the present day – working with passion, a readiness to innovate and personal commitment.

    Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

    GIANNI by KARE design 

    GIANNI Grey by Kare

    Take a look at the full KARE Design collection here.

    What Color Sofa Is in Style?

    Fortunately for fans of modern design, neutral colors are currently vogue in interior design.

    Shades such as French vanilla, hazelnut, and warm gray—all acceptable modern colors—are popular options on the current market, meaning it shouldn’t be hard to find a sofa that matches your modern style color scheme.

    Of course, blues and browns are constantly in style, though whites and grays are recommended for those looking to have a more current modern or contemporary feel.

    Are Leather Sofas out of Style 2021?

    As a material, leather never goes out of style. That means leather sofas are still a very big part of the overall furniture market.

    With that being said, certain styles of sofa can become old fashioned. Here’s the good news: both mid century modern and more contemporary modern sofas are still highly fashionable—and have been for decades.

    This means that you don’t risk your living space suddenly falling out of style with a modern leather sofa, as you might with leather sofas of other type.

    Modern sofa leather


    By understanding the tenants of modern design, you’ll be able to determine whether modern sofas are right for your home.

    What’s more, you can find out which type of modern sofa will look the best in your living area. In this guide, we went over the characteristics of modern sofas, as well as reviewed some of the best and most popular modern and contemporary brands currently on the market.

    With the information in this guide, you’ll be able to design your modern living space in no time. Be sure to use this piece to help you find the best modern sofa for you!

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