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Rapport Furniture Stores | Los Angeles | Palm Desert | Rancho Mirage

Trevo Bed does more than just offer a comfortable night's sleep- It also provides additional cushions built into its headboard for relief while sitting in an upright position.

Technical drawings

Dimensions (KS) : 81,5" W 92,9" D 37,4" H

Dimensions (QS) : 65,4" W 92,9" D 37,4" H

Bed Frame Height : 10,6''

Wooden headboard with naturalistic curved form.

Wood bed frame with hydraulic storage attached to the headboard and slats.

Integrated LED lighting creates a subtle ambiance to the room with its three levels of intensity.

The base consists of parallel boards of varying thicknesses. The arc-shaped structure of the slatted base offers a flexible and dynamic platform for your mattress. As the air circulates through the mattress, the lifetime of the mattress increases. In addition, it prevents moisture, dampness, and bacteria formation in the bed. Slatted bases give an extra feeling of comfort as they increase the flexibility of the mattress. US standard mattresses are compatible, although our exclusive Lazzoni 7-zone mattress is a perfect fit for our bedframes.