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Rapport Furniture Stores | Los Angeles | Palm Desert | Rancho Mirage | La Quinta

Born and raised in the city, made for those who are always running after comfort. Vetro Modular Sofa Beds are designed for city living to give you that extra space in your hectic daily life.

Clean lines, wide seating, and a stylish look. Vetro shows off its smart design with a sturdy frame and light yet efficient padding combined with top-quality upholstery. With Lazzoni's practical mechanism, convert your cozy sofa to a spacious bed in seconds. Combine the modules to make it fit any space or need.

Technical drawings

Dimensions : 118,1" W 76,8" D 33,5" H

Dimensions Extended : 118,1" W 76,8" D 33,5" H

Sofa Bed Dimensions : 78,7x55,1

Seating Depth : 26"

Seating Height : ~ 15"-15,7"

Direction: The direction of the product in the image is right

Sofa Structure
Sofa structures are made of metal construction. Metal constructions are advantageous to wooden constructions as they are lighter, have a longer lifetime, and can be modular. All metal constructions are humidity resistant. Anti-rust paint is used. Made by oxygen welding.

Hr 35 soft foam: HR 35 soft foam creates a comfortable yet durable Seating. Our foam is guaranteed not to sink in for the next 5 years

Seater Back Cushions
Farba Seater back cushions: Silicon fiber is used, providing a long-lasting and comfortable seating with its caged stitching application.

Solid wood legs