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Rapport Furniture Stores | Los Angeles | Palm Desert | Rancho Mirage

Toto Has Been Transformed

Watch Cyndi Transform Toto Into a Drip Art Masterpiece!

- Meet Cyndi Seidler -

- Meet Cyndi Seidler -

Cyndi Seidler is a fluid art painter based in Los Angeles. She creates works that balance form with flowing harmonious colors and the elements that compose them.

She finds her inspiration in gazing over a variety of art methods, photography, and anything that ends up sparking imagination and igniting emotion. That's where she begins in transforming that imagery into her own style.

Her themes include abstract portraits of women, the sea, landscapes and nature, majestic animals, colorful abstract art, and narrative art that tells a story. Each work of art she paints is meant to give a person a sense of being or uplifting feeling.

"Art is like a portal to another dimension, and fluid art is like a journey into the unknown that culminates into a moment that defines the spirit of play in my paintings."

- Cyndi Seidler

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