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Los Angeles | Palm Desert | Rancho Mirage
Los Angeles | Palm Desert | Rancho Mirage

this combination of a geometric shape with an aesthetic body is a real eye-catcher. The naked body of a man flies through a white and stable cuboid with graceful tension. Only the muscular legs peek out on the back, while the front shows the man s torso. His tensed arms and hands can be used to support light objects, for example LPs. The sculpture is made of polyresin and is a unique handcrafted piece. Slight deviations from the illustration are possible.

  • An aesthetic focal point made of polyresin in black and white
  • Refines the decoration on the shelf and on the sideboard with its artistic flair
  • Rounds off the classic, elegant and even minimalist ambience with its distinct formal idiom
  • Can also serve as a support for a few books or vinyl records
  • Unique handcrafted decorative objects are plentiful -

Material: Object: Polyresin, Other: Polyresin, Hand-crafted, Each peace unique

Measures (H/W/D): 11.8" x 15" x 4.9"

Weight: 5.07 pound

Product number: 53253