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125 Years Of Luxury And Craft

125 Years Of Luxury And Craft

The story of Lazzoni furniture begins over a century ago, in a small Turkish village on the edge of the Black Sea where the Laz tribe was renowned for their construction of beautiful, wooden Serander houses. 

It was there in 1897, that carpenter Laz Hasan began his family's tradition of master woodworking and Lazzoni furniture was born. Eventually, Osman, a second-generation member of Laz’s family moved to Ankara where he utilized his family's carpentry skills and built a workshop where he manufactured the first modular kitchens in Turkey and Eastern Europe. 

Throughout the 20th century, the business continued to grow and evolve until the family decided to move on from kitchens and to create high-end designer furniture made with the same level of meticulous craftsmanship. 

Using the highest quality materials sourced from premium European artisans and mills, such as leather from Gruppo Mastrotto of Vicenza, Italy and hardware from Hettich in Germany, they began crafting furniture that was inspired by late-century modern Italian design and built with an intense attention to detail and design.

Lazzoni Ada Chair Los Angeles

The Lazzoni Ada 360 Swivel Armchair

For example, their sofas are produced with oxygen welded, all metal frames, which makes them not only stronger and longer lasting, but also lighter than traditional wood frame sofas. 

In 2002, they partnered with the Giuseppi Nicoletti family of Italy, who are masters in crafting leather sofas, which enabled them to grow their business on an international scale and today Lazzoni decorates some of the finest homes, hotels and restaurants in the world, including the St. Regis Hotel in Doha, Qatar and Hexa restaurant on Hong Kong’s harbor.

The Lazzoni Duman Modular Sofa

And while quality will always define the identity of Lazzoni, there is another principle that is just as important to the family: sustainability.

In addition to creating the most stylish designer furniture, Lazzoni has always been committed to best environmental practices and minimizing the impact that its manufacturing process has on their community.

That’s why when Yaşar Kababulut, a 3rd generation member of the family, opened their new 48,000-square-foot production facility in 2005 in Ankara, he did so with the strongest possible commitment to green building practices.

Their manufacturing facility is powered by electricity generated from over 3,150 rooftop solar panels, and when the plant produces more power than it can use, they are able to distribute it to homes and businesses in the surrounding area through energy distribution companies. 

This facility allows them to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 208,160 in a single month and Lazzoni became the first manufacturer in Turkey to produce their goods with EPA certification. 

Today, Lazzoni is led by the fourth generation of Laz’s family and their global footprint has only continued to grow, with showrooms located around the world, and even a Lazzoni luxury hotel that is now open to travelers in Istanbul. 

If you’d like to learn more about Lazzoni furniture, or see some of their beautiful designs in person, visit the Rapport Furniture Flagship Showroom in Los Angeles today and our dedicated design team will be happy to show you what makes them one of our most in-demand brands. 

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