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Interior Design Trends: Los Angeles 2023

Interior Design Trends: Los Angeles 2023

There are a lot of things you don’t want to be in Hollywood. Too boring, too unconnected and too indiscreet are all cardinal sins among LA’s glam set. 

But probably the biggest sin of all is to be too late to the party when it comes to new design trends.

That’s why we spoke with Maryam Jahani, a Rapport interior designer with over twenty years of experience creating dream spaces for her clients, to tell us about the styles that are most in demand for 2022. 

Maryam let us in on what’s hot in interior design today and which looks are ice cold. 


Q: What are the biggest design trends you’re noticing as we roll into fall?

MJ: Simplicity. No one wants rooms that are overstuffed with furniture and decorations anymore. Everyone wants a simple look, like a couch, chair, rug and maybe one piece of art on the wall. They don’t want to walk into the room and have too much to look at. Everyone wants a minimal look and I’ve had so many design consultations where the first thing people tell me is that they don’t want too much furniture. 

Q: What kind of look do you see customers going for?

MJ: There’s definitely been a big shift in the colors that people want. Right now everyone is doing beige, brown, and travertine. Raw wood tones are also in demand. Nobody wants lacquered, shiny wood anymore. 

They want to decorate their homes with a warmer color palette and they’re getting away from the grays and blacks and the colder colors and moving more towards a mid-century modern, 60s style. 

The Lazzoni Ada Wood Leg Chair

Q: What are you seeing as the furniture styles that people are gravitating towards?

MJ: People really want soft curves right now and soft fabrics. The boucle fabric which is soft and kind of fuzzy is what everyone wants right now. They’re over the cold and boxy look with clean white colors. 

They want things to be warmer and inviting. Having a travertine dining table is everyone’s dream right now. Also, curved sofas are big sellers. We’re moving away from hyper-modern looks and into something more classic.

Q: Beyond furniture, what kind of decor pieces are customers gravitating towards now?

MJ: Big mirrors are very in right now. It's the trend in every store. They’re all over Instagram and social media. Everyone is doing big mirrors right now. But they don’t want too much more than that. Part of the minimal trend is that people don’t want to overstuff their rooms with paintings and sculptures and things like that.Q: What are the brands that customers are loving in 2022?

The Lazzoni Amorf Mirror

MJ: Saloni is doing really well right now. Their Bon Bon collection especially because those are the curved sofas that people love. We sold out of that before they even hit the floor.

Q: Why do you think people want these new styles?

MJ: I think a lot of it has to do with the pandemic. When people went out all the time, they wanted their rooms to be stylish but they weren’t used very much so the look could be cold and uninviting. Once the pandemic forced them to be at home more, they all wanted that warm and cozy look, as opposed to clean lines and sharp angles that were almost too perfect. 

Q: If everyone is staying home, does that mean they’re doing more with their outdoor and backyard space?

MJ: Yes, outdoor is very popular right now. I think this is also a COVID effect because even though everything is open now, people got used to spending time at each other’s houses, so now we’re seeing many more house parties and backyard parties so people really want to make their outdoor space be nice for company. 

Everyone wants to set up their own space to entertain so they want big, outdoor dining tables. And clients are always asking us for lanterns, like the kind you can put an electric candle in. People really love those for ambiance.

The Couture Jardin Curl Canopy Daybed


Clean, simple and comfy. Who wouldn’t want a home that checked those boxes? 

If you’re interested in creating the warm and inviting home space of your dreams, then all you need to do is visit a Rapport showroom and speak with Maryam, or any of our other dedicated teams of designers, to create the cozy rooms you’re looking for.

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