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Designer Spotlight: Natuzzi Italia

Designer Spotlight: Natuzzi Italia

Small acorns become mighty oaks. Faint ripples become massive waves. Gentle breezes become hurricanes. 

Many powerful things come from meager beginnings. And while today Natuzzi is one of the top-selling, high-end furniture brands in the world, their origin is as humble as the tiny studio apartment in southern Italy where the brand was born.

It was there, in 1959, that founder Pasquale Natuzzi designed and built what became the first ever Natuzzi sofa using only a second hand sewing machine, a hammer and four pairs of scissors. 



Pasquale worked hard to distinguish himself in a crowded field and as the business slowly grew, he moved his workshop from his bedroom into his first small factory. It was there that he would refine his technique for building premium quality furnishings and learn how to source leather from the finest Italian tanneries.

However, just as his business was beginning to take off, tragedy struck and a fire burned his workshop to the ground, destroying not only his tools and supplies, but much of his money. 

Undaunted, he moved his family to Santero in Colle where he returned to building furniture even as a new factory was constructed around him. 

Eventually, after nearly two decades of tireless work, the rest of the world caught up to the exceptional craftsmanship and quality of Natuzzi sofas. In 1977 Pasquale debuted the Navaho sofa at the Cologne international trade fair and established himself as one of the finest furniture makers in the world. 

The brand's success continued to grow when in the 1980s he was finally able to bring his sofas to the American market through a partnership with Macy’s department store and eventually Natuzzi’s growth became so explosive that they were the only non-American furniture firm to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Today, over sixty years after Pasquale put together his first sofa by hand, Natuzzi is one of the best selling premium furniture brands in the world, and has consistently remained a top seller in Rapport showrooms. 

The limited edition Natuzzi Italia Sculptural Torsion Table


A major part of their sustained success is how they continue to grow and innovate, even after establishing themselves as an industry leader. Their eye-catching Infinito sofa beat out hundreds of challengers to win the Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture category at the 2021 European Product Design Awards.

Natuzzi Sofa

Natuzzi Infinito


Today, Natuzzi offers two primary lines: Natuzzi Italia & Natuzzi Editions. 

Italia is Natuzzi’s classic line, inspired by their origin in Southern Italy. Italia draws from natural shapes and colors found in the Italian countryside. The furniture is meant to evoke a sense of  harmony and joie de vivre and to become a natural gathering place for friends and family to spend time with and relax with one another. 

Natuzzi Editions embraces a more modern, but still comforting sense of style. While Italia might be the right choice for your Mediterranean vacation home, Editions has a more cosmopolitan sensibility and is the right choice whether you’re decorating your townhouse or your penthouse. 

Natuzzi is also committed to protecting the environment, and seeks to use sustainable products and recycled materials in their products whenever they can.

Dedicated to an aesthetic of high quality combined with innovative design, Natuzzi has been a go-to choice for discerning buyers who want beautiful furniture that is designed to last for decades.

If you’d like to learn more about the brand or see their pieces in person, then visit a Rapport showroom today and you can speak to one of our design team members about how you can fit Natuzzi into your home. 

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