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Designer Spotlight:  Elite Modern

Designer Spotlight: Elite Modern

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a house and feeling like we’re standing in a museum rather than a home. You’re almost afraid to sit on the couch or put your glass on a table because you’re not sure if it's actually meant to be used or just admired from afar.

Elite Modern makes furniture that’s meant to be enjoyed as much as it is to be admired. Their bold designs are eye-catching conversation starters that don’t make you feel like you have to whisper in your library voice. 

Elite Modern Table

The Elite Modern Prism


The name alone sets the expectation. As soon as you hear it, you know that Elite Modern isn’t a company with origins in a centuries-old Italian fishing village or one that provided furnishings to aristocratic Victorian-era manor houses. 

Elite Modern creates designs for people looking toward the future, not for those stuck in the past.

Founded in 1988, Elite Modern is headquartered in sunny Southern California, where they create their own sexy, contemporary styles that are not only meant to be used but make a statement that says their owners refuse to be boring, quiet or unnoticed. 

Consider their Victor Dining Table, which takes one of the most standard furnishings in any home and elevates it through the use of smoked, tempered glass and a base that combines brushed steel with walnut wood and is cut into an intriguing geometric design.

Elite Modern Dining Table

The Elite Modern Victor Dining Table


Similarly, their signature bars and bar stools are crafted with bold colors, are shaped like sculptures and aren’t the kinds of pieces that you’ll find in your neighborhood bar.

Elite Modern Bar

The Elite Modern Prism


Elite Modern both designs and manufactures all of their own furniture and while they work with a number of independent designers, perhaps none have had as big an impact on their visual style as Carl Muller.

Based in Seal Beach, California, Carl has worked with the company almost since its inception and has helped create over two hundred different products that have come to market, many of which remain the company’s top sellers today. 

Carl has an eye for both luxury and contemporary elegance and while his work has a global influence, it never loses sight of his Southern California roots. 

In addition to their base models, Elite Modern also offers a wide variety of customiztions for buyers looking to create their own dream pieces. They offer a large selection of fabrics, including bold prints and colors, as well as suede, leather and ultra suede options. 

They also offer custom powder coated metals in several colors, and wood veneers in unique shades such as ebony, java and smoke. Additionally, they’re expert glass and ceramic team can create custom glass in a variety of tints and with inlaid patterns and designs. 

It’s this unique ability to adapt any of their products to a customer’s specific needs that’s landed them design service work with elite corporate clientele, such as Disney, Ritz Carlton, Waldorf Astoria and Caesar Entertainment. 

Made in America and made for today, Elite Modern makes furniture that you’ll want to show off to your guests, rather than hide behind velvet ropes. 

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