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6 Portable Home Bars that Will Make You the Perfect Host - Rapport Furniture

6 Portable Home Bars that Will Make You the Perfect Host

Portable home bars have come into more popularity recently for their ease of use and being able to be put away so easily in the home.

Often the bar isn’t a space most people need all the time, or a portable bar is a less expensive and more space-efficient way to get a lot of the same experience with less commitment.

Home Bars' Popularity

Home bars gained popularity in the 70s and have been a staple since then for hosting and entertaining. You can either get a fully built-in bar, which can be either wet or dry, or you can go for a simpler setup with pre-made bars and liquor cabinets you can buy.

Here, we’ll mainly be exploring portable bars.

Why do you need a home bar?

If you are the type of person that likes to have friends or family over, home bars are perfect because they are stylish and fun additions to a kitchen, den, or basement space that provide a great area to entertain guests.

The first purpose of the bar is to provide storage for all your various liquors, glasses, and mixers. The second reason is to provide entertainment space for guests to serve their drinks on.

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Difference Between Wet Bar and Dry Bar

A wet bar has a sink and running water; it allows you to clean up after the drinks and pour new ones easily. A dry bar doesn’t have a sink and can only be used to prepare the drinks.

The technical difference is in the plumbing, which can be more or less of a hassle depending on how you go about it.

The big advantage of a wet bar is for rinsing out the glasses, blender, and drink mixing equipment.

If you are going to make a lot of different and complicated drinks in a night, you’ll have to be cleaning a few of these things. Leaving the room constantly to go do this in the kitchen can take away important time as a host.

A dry bar is obviously less difficult to get set up and typically less expensive too. Using a dry bar with a liquor cabinet can be quite stylish. They are easy to set up and don’t have to cost much to get started.

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6 Portable Bars You Will Love

A portable home bar is just what it sounds like, a bar that can easily be moved around. Most of them have wheels or act as a cart to easily wheel around.

They work great around the home, but can also be used for the patio, garden, or general backyard hosting. Their versatility makes them ideal for bringing the spirits, wines, and liquors to where the guests are congregating.

They are also excellent for hiding away the storage when guests are not around. Most portable bars can be folded up or tucked away in some fashion.

What do you call a portable bar?

Portable bars come in a variety of forms such as bar carts, liquor cabinets, and many other styles. You can call it just a portable bar, or by the name of the piece itself goes by.

How tall are portable bars?

Portable bars can be any height as they come in many shapes and sizes.

Where to put/use portable bars in your home

Portable bars are an effective way to have a bar space in your home that can then be tucked away when not in use. They are great in any room for entertaining, including the kitchen, dining room, basement, or den.

It all depends on the shape, size, and style you are looking for. Here’s a list of ones we’ve found that might give you some good ideas:

1. Mollino by Elite Modern


Mollino by Elite Modern


This trolley bar on wheels takes it’s name from the famous Italian designer of the 1940’s, Carlo Mollino.

This striking design was inspired by the organic and fluid design approach seen in his work. The Mollino serving cart can be used as a serving cart in a dining environment, or as a mini bar cart when entertaining.

Mollino offers a rich upscale mix of materials— acid etched/painted glass top, walnut veneered shelf, and an undeniably sexy laser-cut steel frame.

2. Bar Cabinet Globetrotter by Kare Design


Bar Cabinet Globetrotter by Kare Design


A fully equipped bar which will accommodate everything that the cocktail maker requires. When it s closed the wardrobe trunk is an elegant feature of the room, but it can at any time present its extensive contents to your surprised guests.

3. Bar Cabinet Luxury Medium


Bar Cabinet Luxury Medium by Kare Design


Small and compact, but with a big impact, that s how the movable bar cabinet from the Luxury collection comes into the home.

The whole world of bar culture opens up behind the two front doors: five side compartments offer well-protected space for small bottles and the cocktail shaker.

In the middle section there are 18 compartments for storing bottles horizontally, rails for hanging stemware and two drawers. A storage miracle that is sure to impress your guests.

Another advantage: thanks to the castors, this bar trolley can be easily moved to wherever it is needed. The reflecting body contrasts charmingly with the mahogany-brown lacquered interior.

4. Bar Cabinet Globetrotter Medium by Kare Design


Bar Cabinet Globetrotter Medium by Kare Design


An elegant bar in the colonial style.

With its many compartments and shelves the Colonial Trunk bar offers lots of space for the barkeep's equipment, bottles and glasses. Its striking features are the relaxed colonial look created by the imitation crocodile finish and the stability provided by the high-class metal frame.

A fabulous stand-alone piece of furniture with top-quality fittings and lots of useful details. The practical highlight is that this bar is fitted with casters and can therefore change its location whenever necessary.

5. Bar Trolley Classico by Kare Design


Bar Trolley Classico by Kare Design


This bar trolley in a gold look adds a touch of luxurious understatement to any room: whether as an addition to the dining table, as an elegant presentation of drinks or houseplants in the living room or in the bedroom next to the bed as a glamorous bedside table.

Even in the bathroom, the serving trolley becomes an eye-catcher as a stylish place to put make-up and the like.

6. Bar Treviso Green by Kare Design


Bar Treviso Green by Kare Design


Not only are fancy cocktails and aperitivo spritzers mixed here, it’s also a place of fun.

In any case, this piece of bar furniture is a good reason to swap your socks for high heels at home, too. And even when there are no parties going on here, the elegant bar enriches the room with its luxurious design and is a stylish setting for lavish bouquets of flowers.


These are just some ideas to get your bar experience started. There are countless other options available for portable bars and even more customization and styles available if you go for a full bar.

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With the information in this guide, you’ll find it easier to make the right purchase every time. For this reason, be sure to check back here if you have any questions regarding portable home bars.

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