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12 Unique Dining Tables to Fall in Love With - Rapport Furniture

12 Unique Dining Tables to Fall in Love With

There is no more important statement piece in the home when hosting guests than the dining table. It serves as the meeting point for everyone who comes through the door and a centerpiece for family and company.

Finding the perfect dining table for a well-designed home often requires an examination of the unique dining tables available from great designers.

However, before choosing one, it is essential to understand the form and role of the dining table within the home.

The Importance of Dining Tables in Your Dining Room

It can be hard to switch off at the end of the day and find time for family. A good dining table can help be a remedy to that problem.

  • By opening the time and space for an evening meal together, the dining table gives you time to reflect on your day. It is a respite from the day’s events without distraction from modern devices and it can provide the time and space to share the day with family.
  • When hosting, dining tables provide a vital spot for guests to congregate for events at your home. Celebratory dinners and large family gatherings tend to center around the dining table, so it’s essential to ensure it is infused with your care and energy.
  • Finally, we also tend to eat better at the dining table than when we eat food separately when we’re busy.
By centering the experience of dining together, focusing on the food and the people, we tend to eat healthier and more fulfilling meals.

How Tall Should a Dining Table Be? Standard Measurements.

The height and width of dining tables are standardized across most models. For example, the standard height is 29-31 inches (73.5-79cm), while the standard width is 36-40 inches (91.5-101.5cm).

The standard length of a dining table depends on the number of seats:

  • 4-6 seats = 68-72 inches (173-183cm)
  • 6-8 seats = 72-80 inches (183-203cm)
  • 8-10 seats = 80-92 inches (203-234cm)
  • 10-12 seats = 92-110 inches (234-279.5cm)

The exact measure of your dining table should be considered in proportion to the room it is placed in.

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Dining Tables for Small Spaces: What You Should Know:

If you have a small space to work with, a few dining table features may be of greater interest to you.

  • First, many dining tables have additional leaves you can attach to transform a small table for everyday use into a much larger table for when guests are over.
  • Designer tables tend to forgo this feature for design reasons but can often be customized to fulfill their purpose in different room sizes.
  • There are dining tables made for small spaces as small as 60 inches (152.5cm). Often these have leaves, drop leaves, or extensions to allow for a wide range of different expansion options.

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Round vs Square Dining Tables: Pros and Cons

The shape of a dining table can be a personal choice, but some factors may sway you in one way or another.

Different shapes fit different room sizes better than others. The most obvious is that a rectangular room should have a rectangular or oval table, whereas a square room is more suited to round or square tables.

A further advantage of rectangular dining tables is the ease of extension. Leaves and extensions are common in rectangular dining tables and tend to work more seamlessly in this shape.

Square dining rooms are standard for smaller spaces. They are great for creating intimacy while still providing four distinct eating areas.

Round tables tend to feel more intimate, and it is easier to interact with everyone at the table. They tend to pull everyone into the conversation.

However, these don’t work well at larger sizes as they tend to separate people across from the table by a vast distance.

12 Examples of Unique Dining Tables

Victor by Elite Modern

Dining table victor by elite modern


The Victor is a rectangular table with a showstopping chevron base. The rich walnut veneer paired with stainless steel generates a bold contemporary impression of strength.

Hyper by Elite Modern

Hyper by Elite Modern

The Hyper is a rectangular dining table with a strong, sculptural base. The walnut veneer and stainless steel base support a tempered glass tabletop. Also available in two Italian ceramic tabletops.

Campus Collection by Natuzzi Italia

Campus Collection dining table by natuzzi

The Campus collection marries contemporary sensibility with a timeless design. There are multiple designs in the collection at different heights, shapes, and tabletop materials.

Voyage by Natuzzi Italia

Voyage by Natuzzi Italia

Voyage is a unique tabletop design with two monolithic golden pillars supporting a visually stunning Stardust-Terrazzo Stone tabletop.

Campus by Natuzzi Italia

Campus dining table by Natuzzi Italia

The Campus proper is a semi-oval classic-leaning design with a strong base. The tabletop comes in either solid wood or marble with nickel-coated steel legs and solid ash wood paneling.

Phantom by Natuzzi Italia

Dining table phantom by natuzzi italia

Phantom uses two slanted glass plates to suspend a majestic solid walnut tabletop into the air with a wood support beam underneath.

Modus by Costantini Pietro

Circular wood dining table modus costantini pietro
Modus is a stunning circular wood tabletop supported by a square series of wood columns at the base. The tabletop is quartered into a mesmerizing alternating wood grain design.

Splendor by Costantini Pietro

dining table unique splendor costantini pietro
Splendor's base is a series of metal tubes supporting a sizeable rectangular top providing an air of understated, industrial elegance.

Jet Set by Costantini Pietro

Jet set unique dining table costantini pietro

Jet Set combines solid wood and ceramic in harmony to make a refined, geometric design. The clean lines and use of solid materials mark its signature, sculptural quality.

Fenice by Costantini Pietro

unique dining table fenice costantini pietro

Fenice uses a stainless steel base surrounded by hand-blown Murano glass to make a powerful statement in four columns. In addition, the tabletop is available in three varieties of wood.

Icon Marble by Costantini Pietro

Unique marble dining table by costantini pietro

With an intricate sculptural gilt-bronze base, the Icon Marble’s intriguing transparency in the middle of its base and reflective qualities provide elegant support for its marble, glass, or wood tabletop.

Grande by Costantini Pietro

Unique dining table grande by costantini pietro

The Grande’s thick oval wooden bases made of the most precious wood species and stainless steel carry the solid precious wood table with a strong sense of immensity.


Dining tables are powerful statement pieces, defining the centerpiece of the central meeting area of the home.

The shape, materials, and size all factor into the power and elegance of the piece, which must be understood in conjunction with the proportions and design sensibilities of the space it is within.

These dining tables provide unique options to fulfill the role of a statement piece in the home. Each has been designed with great sophistication and a finger on contemporary design while maintaining a timeless quality.


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