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11 Velvet Sofas (And Sectionals) You’ll Love in 2022 - Rapport Furniture

11 Velvet Sofas (And Sectionals) You’ll Love in 2022

Velvet is a fabric made by weaving together two facing fabric pieces with threads to create a soft and short pile. This piling method gives the distinctive look and feel of velvet. 

Velvet sofas have made a distinct mark in recent interior design trends. Their design’s glamorous yet sometimes understated luxury can work in various styles.

Although they are slightly more challenging to maintain, their upkeep is more straightforward than one may have come to expect.

Is Velvet Good for Sofas?

Velvet has a reputation of being more intimidating and challenging to maintain than other fabrics, but this isn’t always the case. Velvet has both good and bad, and the underlying material plays an important role.

Velvet itself tends to be durable to wear, although the nap can get crushed. Because it has no raised weaves and uses a flat pile, the susceptibility to damage is lower than many other weaves.

Velvet is terrific for its elegant and luxurious look and allows you to liven up a room. It is also incredibly soft to sit and lie on comfortably.


It is an excellent and popular design choice today, with only slightly higher maintenance requirements.

What Goes Well with Velvet Sofas?

There are a few different trends suited to velvet couches:

Mid-century modern

Choose a velvet with a robust and earthy tone such as a green, brown, or mustard yellow. Pair it with a bold wall or a strong pattern in the room.


Go for velvet that will complement macramé, rattan, and mixed metals in the design. Look for colors that work together and create a light, breezy feel.

Modern glamor

A sculptural velvet couch, perhaps tufted, works well with the metals and glass of modern glam. Jewel-toned accents make a nice touch.

How Long Does a Velvet Sofa Last?

Velvet is not a delicate fabric, despite its fragile look. It can last decades if properly cared for.

Although the nap can get crushed over time with use and the color fade, the actual material is unlikely to fall apart. If the nap getting bruised bothers you, you can gently steam it out to smooth it.

Some of the heavier marks from use will eventually become permanent, but these can often add character to the piece. Like leather, velvet has an aspect that gets better with age.

- How to You Protect a Velvet Sofa

There are a few things to consider to protect a velvet sofa.

  • First, dust and dirt can build up in the pile and sometimes won’t come out with a simple brushing.
  • Protection from spills is also essential, as velvet will absorb liquids. It can be tough to clean the surface once it has penetrated the fibers. Thus, try to avoid eating and drinking on the sofa. Another important thing you can do is pretreat it with an upholstery protector.
  • It is also essential to consider the nap, which can get crushed over time. Unfortunately, vigorous cleaning can contribute to the damage. To maintain the nap, you’ll want to keep from disturbing it more than necessary.

- How to Clean a Velvet Sofa

Different kinds of velvet change how and how often you should clean it.

Velvet can be made using cotton, wool, linen, or synthetic fabric, each of which has different care instructions. But, contrary to popular belief, velvet is not much more difficult to clean and maintain than other kinds of fabric.

Cotton and polyester velvet

  • Cotton and polyester velvet can be washed using an upholstery cleaner. Test the cleaner on a hidden area and leave it for 24 hours before using it on the whole sofa.
  • If that has worked, apply the cleaning solution using a sponge or washcloth while trying to protect the velvet’s nap.
  • After, brush or vacuum it. Remember that each washing and brushing has a chance to damage the velvet’s nap, so consider it sparingly. Use caution when cleaning.

Other types of velvet

  • For rayon, acetate, and silk velvet, let professionals do the cleaning.

TIP: Regular cleaning is an effective way to preserve your velvet. If there’s a spill, you can quickly get out most of the liquid by gently towel drying it. Then, you can use a hairdryer on slow settings and a reasonable distance to evaporate the remaining traces.

Does Velvet Fade in Sunlight?

Fading is a natural part of the lifecycle of fabrics exposed to light. Velvet is particularly sensitive to color fade, so it is vital to protect it from direct sunlight.

If that’s not feasible, you can protect the most vulnerable parts with a blanket thrown over them as much as possible.

You can also simply lean into the faded look over time, a commonly appreciated antique look for many velvet pieces.

Top 11 Velvet Sofas and sectionals for 2022

1. Sofa Look 2-Seater Velvet Blue

sofa velvet 2 seater by kare
This tufted, rich blue sofa is buttoned in the style of the British Chesterfield. The two-seater gives a royal touch, commanding attention. Classic opulence with a twist, the Velvet Blue is a statement piece that works in smaller rooms.

2. Sofa Infinity Velvet Taupe Right

sofa velvet infinity taupe right by kare
With the Infinity modular sofa system, you craft your own seating landscape. Choose either your individually preferred pieces or select a ready-format model. The options make it ideal for placing different elements in harmony around a room.

3. Sofa Milchbar 3-Seater Velvet Honey


sofa milchbar velvet 3 seaters honey by kare

Retro styling meets modern luxury in this luminous three-seater. The distinctive quilting pattern on the honey-yellow velvet and fine details add a flair of vintage charm. Brass caps on the legs add an old-world feeling.


4. Sofa Black Vicky 2-Seater Velvet Grey

Sofa velvet vicky 2 seaters by kare
This is a cozy, lounge-style velvet two-seater. The Vicky is designed to look like an outstretched wingback chair with soft tufted accents. It is curved in a retro style for a glamourous cocktail lounge design. Long legs provide a lift and lightness to the design.

5. Sofa Cubetto 3-Seater Velvet Braun

sofa cubetto 3 seaters velvet by kare
A comfortable, masculine-style velvet sofa. The Cubetto has low, all-around armrests with a relaxed, laid-back design. The cube-shaped form is modern while classical and traditional designs inspire coloring and the overall look.

6. Sofa Desire 3-Seater Velvet Ecru

Sofa desire velvet ecru 3 seater
Cloud-like luxury with a creamy color. The Desire pays homage to the Chesterfield while updating the design with modern touches. Looks irresistible to sit on from all angles, with an inviting soft cover of velvet.

7. Corner Sofa Gianni Velvet Grey Right black

corner sofa gianni velvet by kare
A more practical, classic design, the Gianni is made for comfort and size. The form speaks to an understated, uncomplicated charisma that becomes apparent only over time, speaking to its design distinction. A corner sofa for true relaxation.

8. Corner Sofa Desire Velvet Grey R

corner sofa desire velvet by kare
A corner sofa in the Desire line, the legendary Chesterfield style look is enhanced with modern elements. Lower backrests and full-length seats provide a contemporary corner couch experience. The silver-grey color provides a shimmering look in velvet accented by the black, solid wood feet.

9. Corner Sofa Belami Velvet Dark Green Right

corner sofa belami in velvet by kare

The Belami is a compact corner sofa in a muted green. The comfort of a tufted ottoman with a modern, cube-style design. The design works in any area of the room with all-around velvet upholstery.

10. Recamiere Desire Velvet Silver

Recamiere desire silver in velvet by Kare

A salon-style, luxurious silver velvet sofa. This Recamiere has an elegant and striking design sure to draw attention in any room. It’s made with fine, piling-free polyester velvet and exclusive buttoning for its tufting.

11. Lounger Bottone Velvet Grey

lounger bottone in velvet by kare

A modern daybed lounger, with an all-around black, tufted design. Modern, cube-style design works in various spaces. It will provide luxurious comfort with its polyester velvet.


Velvet sofas are an elegant trend in modern design that can add a beautiful sheen to almost any style.

Different styles work for various design sensibilities, with a large color spectrum that can change the feeling of the velvet in different spaces. Velvet sectional sofas provide versatility in the range of styles possible, while class velvet sofas work to augment a room’s specific look.

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