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13 Best Round Dining Room Tables for Gatherings - Rapport Furniture

13 Best Round Dining Room Tables for Gatherings

The dining room is the centerpiece of many homes. Choosing the right table for the room can completely transform the function of gatherings within the home.

Round dining room tables are a more artistic design choice that has become more popular in the last few decades. As a result, the option between a round and a rectangular dining table has become a personal one.

A good dining room table functions well for both people in your life and your design space. Let’s see if it works for you.

What is a Good Size for a Round Dining Table?

A round table’s size is dictated by the number of people you expect to seat. It does not work well for groups larger than eight people. However, it does make it easy to converse with everyone at the table equally.

- Height

The standard height is almost the same for all round tables: 44-inches. (112cm)

However, the standard diameter differs depending on the number of people you’d like to seat:

- Diameter

  • 4-person table: 36 to 44-inches. (91-112cm)
  • 4 to 6-person table: 44- to 55-inches. (112-140cm)
  • 6 to 8-person table: 55- to 72-inches. (140-183cm)

Does a Round Dining Table Take Up Less Space?

Yes. A round dining table has a smaller overall footprint than a square dining table without corners. They also tend to fit more guests for the amount of space they take up, easily accommodating extra guests.

With everyone at a slight angle to everyone else, a round dining table can feel less crowded than a rectangular table. This is because your shoulders won’t bump into one another.

They also tend to promote flow in the area since they are easier to move around. This is great for an open floor plan or in high-traffic areas. You can define the dining area better with a rug underneath to give it more presence.

Check out our full collection of dining tables here

How Do I Choose a Round Table Size?

Appropriate round table sizes have to do with the expected number of guests using it. Many people default to a rectangular dining table simply because they grew up with one.

However, a round dining table offers many advantages:

  • They are excellent with an open floor plan where the dining room flows into other rooms. This is because you can’t get bumped by the corners of a round dining table in the same way you can with a rectangular one.
  • Flow is also an important consideration. For example, will the space only be used for dining, or will it be used for work or other activities?
  • Round tables can also help with better personal interaction. The conversation can get split with a rectangular table in a way that doesn’t happen as often with a circular one. Thus, a round dining table encourages conversation.

Rectangular vs Round Dining Tables: Pros and Cons

- Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables are versatile and can accommodate more people. They can be placed in many different positions and are easier to extend.


● Rooms tend to be rectangular, making a rectangular table a good fit
● Traditional appeal of rectangular tables
● Can accommodate more people
● Diverse placement options
● Easy to set up nicely


● Can take up more space than round tables
● Not as intimate as a round table
● Sharp corners
● Sections people off into groups
● Hard to hear from one end to the other

Round dining tables have only found their footing in the last few decades but have quickly become a staple design choice. A round table doesn’t have as much space for dishes but provides a better social experience.

- Round Tables


● Smaller footprint
● More intimate
● Can hear everyone across the table
● No corners
● All dishes are more easily accessible
● Beautiful design


● Less space for dishes
● Can hold fewer people for the amount of space
● Need specific placement in a room

Round Dining Room Tables with Extensions: What You Should Know

Extendable round tables have a few different mechanisms.

Those with butterfly leaves are easier to store as the leaves simply fold into the table. Other mechanisms may have you keeping the leaves in a separate area.

TIP: Remember to allow for at least 36 inches from the wall and to consider this with the extensions in place.
Otherwise, most round tables do not come with extensions due to the shape, so it’s something to keep in mind when comparing rectangular tables.

13 Unique Round Dining Room Tables for Gatherings

From a design standpoint, round dining tables tend to fit a square space better than a rectangular space.

With the tables included in the following list, you’ll have a bold choice that stands out, taking up less of a footprint than a standard dining room table. You’ll also have more opportunities to speak with all of your guests at a gathering.

1. Hyper 

hyper dining round table by elite modern


A contemporary take on the arch inspires the sculptural, modern pedestal of the Hyper. It is made with angled stainless steel, walnut veneer, and tempered glass. The Hyper table uses a primordial form to enhance any environment.

2. Corona

corona dining round table by elite modern

The Corona’s sunburst motif splays out from a pedestal base to support the tempered glass or steel tabletop. The top array spays out to support the tabletop by radiating out from a central void in the pedestal. This creates a striking design that adds character to any space.

3. Carnival

carnival dining round table by elite modern

The Carnival utilizes a design reminiscent of a carousel or circular tent drapery. This playful look conceals a remarkable strength underneath, its diamond-shaped steel cutouts supporting the tempered glass tabletop.

4. Triplex

 triplex round table dining room by elite modern

The triangular symmetry of the base of the Triplex spring forth from the dynamic bottom. The precise pinwheel design of the rich walnut veneer shoots forth into an open center supporting a tempered glass tabletop.

5. Tangent

 tangent round dining table elite modern

The Tangent’s sweeping, curved dual arms support the tempered glass top. They are made from stainless steel and plated with a shimmering champagne color. The base is available in both Rift-cut Oak and Walnut veneer.

6. Prism

 prism round dining table elite modern

The triangular support of the Prism provides excellent strength with laser-cut steel panels that are precision folded and seamlessly welded. The exposed construction creates a dynamic mix of reflection and shadow to give the illusion of a prism.

7. Estro

 estro round dining table natuzzi

Estro is a series of small side table pieces available in various shapes and sizes. Both versatile and elegant, they provide a dynamic range to many areas of the house, including the dining room. The supporting structure is made of folded sheet metal that has been polished and painted with a burnished black finish. Surfaces available include various woods or polished or brushed marble.

8. Modus

 modus round dining table costantini pietro

Modus is a precision-crafted various wood species design with a complex square motif in quarters placed into a circular design. The round dining tables come with square wooden columns as their base.

9. Splendor Round

 round dining table splendor round by costantini pietro

The opulent Splendor uses a series of stylish metal tubes for its centerpiece pedestal. This core element shines like luxurious chrome and supports a solid, elegantly designed tabletop.

10. Pasha

round dining table pasha by costantini pietro

Elegant, hand-blown Murano glass spheres form the pedestal to the luxurious multiple wood species tabletop. Also available in a glass version.

11. Trend

round dining table trend by costantini pietro

Four oval columns support a multiple wood species beautiful tabletop, customized to customer requirements. The modern round dining table design can also be made into a Lazy Susan version.

12. Maestro

round dining table maestro costantini pietro

A modern beechwood base pedestal with hollow center and geometric sunburst design. The circular lacquer finish tabletop is fitted with a clear glass insert.

13. Dress

round dining table dress by costantini pietro

The Dress is a dual-layer mixed wood design supported by four oval columns. A Lazy Susan design is available upon request and customized sizes.


Round dining room tables have come a long way in recent decades, becoming important statement pieces of many high-end designers.

In addition, the use of the sculptural pedestal base has allowed for an elevation of the form, working in a variety of contemporary design spaces.

We hope this post gave you relevant information about round dining tables and you got inspired by the list we created.


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