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How to Measure Sectional Sofas (Very Simple) - Rapport Furniture

How to Measure Sectional Sofas (Very Simple)

Sectional sofas come with a wide range of customizable pieces that can fit almost any interior. A well-thought-out sectional design can often better utilize space than more simplistic and rigid separate pieces.

The ability to choose the exact pieces for your space also helps to match the seating of a room to the proportion of the room’s size and other pieces of furniture - larger rooms especially can do with more seating.

In the article, we’ll take you through how to measure a sectional sofa in a variety of different configurations. We’ll also look at some examples for you to browse for your home.

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How Are Sectional Couches Measured?

Sectional sofas have no standard dimensions because they are customizable. However, there are some general measures to take to understand your options with a sectional.

  • Overall width

This is the measure of the longest part of the back of the sectional. The overall width of a standard sectional couch is between 94” and 168”.

  • Overall length

The overall length measures the longest part of the sectional coming out from the back. It is usually between 94” and 156”.

  • Other important measurements

You might also want to know the interior gap length to know the proportions of how to fit a coffee table in front of the sectional.

To use these measures, you’ll want to measure the length and width of the room you’d like to place the couch within. You should also check that the sofa will be able to fit through the room’s doors - usually, its legs can be removed if necessary.

Once you’ve got the room measures, you can use tape on the floor to experiment with the size and customization options of the sectional you’re interested in. Again, this will give the best indication of how it will fit within your space.

Tip: If you have a window in the room, a good rule of thumb is that the couch’s height should not reach above the windowsill.

- How do you measure an L shaped sectional?

An L-shaped sectional is the easiest to measure with the system above as the width is simply the measure of the long part of the L-shape while the length is the measure of the short part.

The significant difference between an entire sectional and an L-shaped sectional is the addition of the chaise lounge.

- How to measure a sectional sofa with wedge:

A wedge is a part of a section that connects the three-cushion couch to the loveseat portion with a diagonal or curved corner piece. The wedge should be incorporated into both the width and length measurements of the sectional.

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How Much Space Do You Need for a Sectional Sofa?

To understand the full proportions of space you need for a sectional, you have to consider end tables, ottomans, and coffee tables.

The best way to do this is by taping the floor with the sizes of the sectional and the rest of the pieces.

You should also keep in mind some legroom, especially if the sectional has recliners.

The overall width will tell you the measure of the backrest’s width across the sectional’s widest part. If you are planning on having an end table, you’ll need to consider its width as well.

The overall length will tell you how far out the sectional will strength at its maximum length, usually the loveseat.

How Do You Know What Size Sectional to Buy?

The size of sectional you buy is entirely dependant on the proportions of your space. Therefore, you want a sectional that fits comfortably in the room’s dimensions and makes sense in proportion to the other furniture in the room.

Sectionals are generally large and therefore work best with a larger TV and coffee table. Conversely, a smaller sectional will work better for a smaller room.

6 Examples of Exceptional Sectional Sofas

Campus by Natuzzi Italia

Sectional sofa campus natuzzi italia

The Campus is a modern take on classic sofa forms.

The frame is covered in irregularly weaved suede, while the cushions make up the bulk of the form with ultra-comfortable and breathable materials. There are many customizable and versatile options available to suit any space.

Dominio by Natuzzi Italia

Sectional sofa dominio natuzzi italia

The Dominio uses generously sized upholstery with a gentle curve at the corner for a solid yet reassuring presence.

The structure of the Dominio is made of high-density polyurethane padding for strength and down padding in the cushions for maximum comfort. It is available in both leather and fabric options.

Golf by Natuzzi Italia

Sectional sofa golf by natuzzi italia

An ideal section for smaller urban environments, Golf has a simple, elegant look with distinctively soft cushions. Its distinctive stitching enhances the design without detracting from the traditional look. It is available in both leather and fabric options.

Deep by Natuzzi Italia

Sectional sofa deep by natuzzi italia

Deep imitates the waves of the ocean in its design with their fluid and flowing nature. The mediterranean sea inspired it.

Designed to present a sense of calm and harmony, the wave pattern allows for highly versatile customization and infinite combination with other elements. The upholstery is available in both leather and fabric options.

Preludio by Natuzzi Italia

sectional sofa preludio by natuzzi italia

Preludio is a sectional made with a modern minimalist design sensibility. With an adjustable headrest on every seat, the sofa is versatile for many different positions.

The padding is a combination of polyurethane and memory foam for maximum support and comfort. Options for upholstery include both Natuzzi leather and a wide range of fabric choices.

Jeremy by Natuzzi Italia

sectional sofa jeremy natuzzi italia

The Jeremy is the ultimate in classic comfort with a timeless design. With modern design touches for its legs and cushions, the Jeremy provides memory foam padding and regularity of design that brings a contemporary feel. Available in both leather and fabric options.

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Measuring a sectional sofa is a simple process if you know what you are looking for. Then, you can experiment with different configurations to get a measure that will work best with your space.

Proportion is key, and it is better not to overload a space with seating.

It is essential to consider how other pieces will fit with the sectional, including end tables, a coffee table, and ottomans.

The sectional should also work in proportion with other furniture and decorations in the room.

If you’re ready to purchase your next sofa, make sure to check back here for reference for all your sizing needs.

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